The Era of Telecommunication

August 14, 2016

Telecommunication is the industry which is extremely fundamental for the economy and social benefit of the residents of any state. The fiscal and socio-economic strength of the nation does not play any role in influencing the significance of the telecommunication industry since it is likewise central for every land.The customary land line telephone systems are the most former telecommunication systems. Later on, networks of wired television cable system also achieved the enclosure into the telecommunication industry. With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, numerous other telecommunication means were also launched. These most recent telecommunication means comprised significantly internet connections and cellular phones. With the introduction of applying internet technology on cellular phones, the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) gained extreme fame as well.

Telecommunication has in actuality made the world a global village. With the application of telecommunication technology, it has become much uncomplicated for people to keep in touch with each other. Besides communication, it has moreover facilitated people to transfer information from one location to another within seconds.Broadly speaking, there are two major fields of telecommunication. The wired technology and the wireless technology are principal distributions. We have all been using the wired telecommunication media since our childhood days, for example the telephone, television broadcasting etc. Wired internet networks fall in this class as well.

With the recent years, the wireless telecommunication technology has gained tremendous boost up. The wireless telecommunication means are media like cell phones, wireless internet connections and cell phone GPRS. Due to the portability of wireless devices and trouble-free usage, these media of telecommunication is much favored by people all over the globe.

How An Electrical Contractor Can Help With Telecommunications

August 13, 2016

Electrical contractors are just not limited to electrical installation and repairs. They can also help with data/telecommunication installations.Technology has moved such a rapid pace that phone systems are now being integrated with various computer systems. Phone companies are focusing their attention elsewhere than telecommunication installation. It is becoming more common for an electrical contractor to do telecommunication installations. Electrical contractors can do installations in both residential and commercial buildings. The advantage of having an electrician doing different types of installations is that it is a one-stop shop. You save time. You also only have to deal with one contractor rather than two or three.

Having an electrical contractor help with telecommunication installation is especially helpful in the commercial area. Businesses buy computers, intercom and elaborate phone systems that can be very complicated to install. The equipment needs to meet special power requirements to run properly. The items also need to have certain wiring in place. An electrical contractor will have the experience to wire all the components together. The contractor will also make sure everything has the correct power sources.Industrial buildings, like warehouses and factories, are also places were contractors with electrical experience are doing more telecommunication installations. They will often help install cabling, wiring and computers. The projects may also include installing phone and intercom systems as well as networking wiring and equipment.If you need to upgrade a system, then a skilled electrician can also help with the upgrade. Like any other system, computers and communication tools need to be replaced. An electrical contractor can inspect your current system. Contractors can see what components are starting to wear out. When upgrading the system, they will make sure everything is up to code. Making sure everything is up to code ensures safety.

Finally, a service more people should take advantage is surge protection. Power surges can damage electrical equipment, especially computers. By having surge protection, you can protect your investment. A qualified electrician can install surge protection in a certain area or throughout an entire building.With all the many changes happening with telecommunications, an electrical contractor is a great resource to have. Many electricians continue to obtain training to make sure they adapt to the changing technology. By continuing to learn and train, they can give you advice on the best products out there on the market. At the same time, they save you time on different types of installations.

Telecommunication – Sending and Receiving Signals

August 13, 2016

Telecommunication is a process of sending and receiving signals over a telephone. Telephone here stands for the instrument which helps in making verbal exchanges at a distance. The word Telephone has been derived from the Greek for ‘Tele’ or ‘far’ and ‘phonic’ or ‘sound.’ Communication is a basic function common to all living beings, and merits no explanation.Since past few years we have witnessed extraordinary progress of the technology of Telecommunication. Though we still use wired telephones over shorter distances, radio or mobile telephony is starting to take over. Intercontinental communications are mostly wireless dominated.

The story of Telecommunication began with Nikola Tesla demonstrating a method for Radio communications, about 1893. One year after, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, rang a remote bell, with the help of microwaves in the millimeter range. Bose was also the first to use ‘coherer’, which he invented, a semiconductor-junction detector in radio communication. He dedicated his invention to humanity and did not agree to patent it.Around the year 1896, Marconi used Wireless Telegraphy for conducting his experiments, and introduced the world to commercial telephony. From here, the march went only forward. After contributions from several inventors and discoverers, we talk to each other, using a variety of techniques like GSM, CDMA, Satellite telephony, etc. However, we use telecommunication not only on Terra firma. Explorer-I, a man-made satellite, which was launched nearly 30 years ago, and, which currently is on the extreme boundary of the Solar System, is still able to ‘Telecommunicate’ with us.

Telecommunications Solutions For Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise Business

August 12, 2016

The world moves at an incredibly fast pace these days and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new technologies that are constantly introduced to the market. The telecommunications industry is like this, especially on the mobile and services side.This can make life very difficult for individuals as they often find that when they have bought one product, they find another one that is also great. Businesses are faced with the same challenge and perhaps it is even more of an issue for them because a bad investment decision could go so far as to threaten the security of one’s business.There are some key criteria that can be applied when deciding on the telecommunications solution that best suits your business requirements. Firstly, understand the functionalities that are going to be critical for your day to day operation. These are processes that you can not live without and this means that there is no negotiation as to whether the product must have these or not. They simply must be present.

Secondly, decide which functionalities could improve the efficiency of your business and the productivity levels of your staff. This could be measures such as predictive dialing or presence based features. There is a plethora of functions available on a I/PBX solution, but to reduce costs, be sure to remain focused on what solutions will drive your business.Thirdly, it is important to understand return on investment and service providers need to give you an indication of how long this period is. If they are unable to do so, then rather work with someone else. There are ways of doing these calculations and if a company can not perform that simple function then who knows if their advice is sound.Last but not least, it is important to try to find a solution that will scale easily in line with your business requirements. This is not only in terms of the manner in which a business grows or shrinks, but should also for the progression of technology. In other words, it is crucial that today’s purchase can still be used in tomorrow’s business world. So try to make sure that your solution will easily work with technology from other manufacturers as this is often a sure sign of the capability for future development.

Telecommunications need not be complicated if you apply these various criteria and you can look forward to a product that will be with you for years to come.